P.A.T.I.works as a partner with associations and entrepreneur activities to provide broad and excellent service to the agricultural sector and its needs: our team is on hand to offer his advice also for traditional applications such as greenhouse/tunnel covering, pond liners, silage protection and mulching.

PATI’s almost fifty years of knowledge and expertise enable the company to propose sound solutions for agriculture.
The Company is partner of associations and single entrepreneur activities, through applications such as greenhouse/tunnel covering, pond liners for water reservoirs, silage protection and mulching.

Greenhouse Coverings

A wide choice of products that contribute to achieve the highest yield and quality when plants need protection in specific condition of light and temperature.

Smart Mulching

Products (also biodegradable) developed to satisfy an ecological way of control of weeds and temperature of the soil.

Pond Liners

A suitable answer for water reservoirs or waste water lagoons of small-medium dimensions.

Shading sheets

Pigmented products suitable for varied applications: storage, service areas, mushrooming, ocean packaging etc.