Pond liner

IDROEVA pond liner offers a range of sheets manufactured with EVA/C, ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymers, including a high VA percentage which allows excellent elasticity, i.e. easy adaptation to rough surfaces, resistance to puncturing and high surface yield, due to the density limited to 520 g/m2.

Food grade formulations are available, which are suitable for drinking water reservoirs and fish farming, and other types have been studied to match textile supports.

The chemical compatibility with potentially harmful dissolved substances can be checked with the assistance of our technical services. Upon request, the sheet can be preassembled in our factory.

Ordering suggestions

It is possible to order customized sheets that are assembled and welded by high frequency machines at P.A.T.I.’s works.

In this case it is necessary to supply a quoted drawing, considering that the maximum size of one single sheet is to 2000 m2, i.e. 40×50 m or 130×165 ft.

N.B. one side must be a multiple of 4 m.

Field installation assistance

In case of basins which require a larger size than the maximum preassembled in the factory, an assistance service is available, performed by specialized technicians, who can supervise the correct unfolding and spreading of the sheets. IDROEVA sheets are then joint together by thermal welding.