Smart mulching

Products (also biodegradable) developed to satisfy an ecological way of control of weeds and temperature of the soil.

Goblin Black

Deep-black film produced from a polyethylene selection, designed to ensure excellent mechanical resistance to tearing, perforation and trampling on, allowing complete removal from the field after the use.

GOBLIN BLACK is produced in compliance with the EN 13655 2002 and, upon request, can be perforated or microperforated.

Photoselective Green

Mulch film featuring an excellent soil heating to promotes early yields thanks to transparency in the short infrared range and, at the same time, acts as weeds growth inhibitor by selective blocking of the solar spectrum that most contributes to photosynthesis.

PHOTOSELECTIVE GREEN films are produced in compliance with the EN 13655 2002, as applicable, and upon request, are available perforated or microperforated.

Patisol Vineyard

Black EVA/C mulch film, featuring characteristics of higher opacity than indicated by the norm EN 13655.

It combines durability, elasticity even at low temperatures, resistance to tear and trampling on, becoming suitable for a long-term use in vineyards, orchards, white asparagus cultivation and forestry nurseries.

Solarization Semi-Dark

Film designed for a double purpose: soil solarization and mulching.

A tuned transparency in the visible and in the short infrared radiation ranges allows an effective soil solarization while a low PAR transmittance limits the development of weeds and makes the film suitable as mulch, even at cultivation stage, when soil heating promotes faster crop development and earlier harvesting.

The films SOLARIZATION SEMI-DARK are in compliance with the EN 13655 2002, as applicable, and, upon request, can be perforated or microperforated.

Ecopac Film Black

Mulch film made from biodegradable thermoplastic materials based on starches (Novamont Mater-Bi®).

ECOPAC FILM at the end of use can be tilled into the soil or sent to a composting facility, reducing removal, disposal and processing costs.

It allows therefore a healthy and protective mulch, offering a convenient solution to farmers sensitive to environmental issues.

The usage characteristics (full biodegradation and absence of phytotoxic by-products) have been successfully tested during an EC research project (BIOPLASTICS).