Design, Layer, Graphic: Different solutions for a single large compartment, the Architectural one.
Spaces and volumes lend the light,lightness,warmth,the ability to integrate with other tools.
Forms can recline on complex structures, and are able to integrate with bold architectural solutions: to these qualities are to be added durability,transparency and self-cleaning.
The Visual impact It Exceptional: the solutions allow graphic structures, modifications to the heat absorption and unexpected customizations, SOME of them Protected by international patent.

Innovation and sustainability

The main advantages of Etfect structures are:
– Opportunities for developing modern solutions that integrate lightness , durability and sustainability
– Cost optimization both in construction and in the management ( for example compared to glass )
– High performance in terms of weather resistance , acoustic and fire resistance
– Low maintenance ( self-cleaning )


The ETFE , also known by its acronym ETFE , is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer . It was originally designed to have high corrosion resistance in a wide temperature range . Compared to glass, ETFE weighs about 1% , transmits more light and is also resilient , self-cleaning ( about the impregnability by most chemical agents) and recyclable . An application example is how the material pneumatic panels covering impressive sports facilities , such as the Allianz Arena or the Beijing National Aquatics Centre , the largest facility in the world to employ ETFE films , also known as the “Water Cube”.

Etfect is an innovative architectural solution for the construction of buildings and structures with a dynamic design , light weight and high visual impact . Etfect is the ideal solution for the creation of permanent and temporary structures such as roofs , facades , pavilions , exhibition facilities , sports facilities.

Etfect Layer

Air , light , shapes which rest on complex and aerial structures . Etfect Layer integrates with the most daring architectural solutions in the environment that hosts them , are ideal for both temporary and permanent structures . The extreme durability , transparency and the ability of self-cleaning which will favor the use of facades and roofs tensile structures , but also the cover of bright cloisters and galleries.

Etfect Design

The light floods the interior of the buildings , large structures acquire lightness and from within the view extends on the surrounding environment . The pressurized cushions contribute significantly to the warmth of the building , modernity is guaranteed by the possibility of integrating lighting and even solar panels . Stadiums , airports , shopping centers and sports arenas benefit of futuristic structures uniquely designed unthinkable using more traditional materials . Space and volume to ideas.

Etfect Graphic

Great visual and functional impact: Etfect Graphic is the solution that allows you to communicate through the structure with large graphics and photo-quality, as well as change the heat absorption inside the rooms , making them more comfortable in all seasons. Some solutions, such as translucent photo printing not washable, are covered by international patent.