Pati is a company specialized in the production of films from thermoplastic materials and was founded in 1962 as spin-off from Montedison, wherefrom detected the know-how and the production lines for the extrusion of PVC Cristal.
Excellence is our vocation: in the innovative transformation of the most advanced thermoplastic polymers for architecture, industry and agriculture, in consulting to provide customized solutions, in the interaction with scienti c research institutes and in a sensitive listening market needs.

Our mission is to give tailored solutions to our customers: in research, product development and consulting reside our strength and our commitment which, together with the cofidence our clients granted until today, makes P.A.T.I. the ideal partner.

1962: PATI detects the production department of Montedison.
1974: a new concept of film is born with EVA copolymers. P.A.T.I exceed the limits of use of the film in PE and PVC.
1980: P.A.T.I. become the market leader in EVA and PVC plastic.
1990: Start of production of films based on fluorinated polymers.
2000: Start production of films based on polyether-block-amide
2009: Start the production of biodegradable films based on modified starch.
2010: Start a new extrusion line for fluoropolymers dedicated to architecture
2012: PATI refacing offices in order to present themselves to the architectural market
2014: PATI Introduces to the Architectural market an innovative technique of digital printing
2015: Collaboration with artists, designers and architects for the reuse of waste materials
2016: Pati S.p.A. Joins the Guarniflon Group S.p.A.

Today: PATI is “PAssion, Technology, Innovation” and also listening, research, participation, transparency and attention to the environment.

Find solutions: applied research, experimentation, development and testing conducted and monitored by a technical team and by specialized and experienced staff who, in P.A.T.I. and in collaboration with a prepared customer service, is always available to solve any complexity allowing a 360 degrees service.