Italian ETFE for the Serpentine Pavilion 2015

Serpentine Pavilion opens in London on 25th of June at Kensington Gardens. The important architectural and design event will last until late October.
ETFE produced by PATI has been selected to obtain the special light, transparency and colorful effects desired for the pavilion by famous architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano. The pavilion attracts, even “magnetizes” people into an open, bright, colorful space suitable for celebrating the 15th anniversary of this important design and architectural event.

serpentine4-300x200 serpentine1-300x200 serpentine2_1-300x200

The “skin” of the “Party Pavilion” is made by ETFE foils one quarter of millimeter thick, some are natural transparent, other ones fully colored in more than a dozen tones. This special and revolutionary printing technique has been developed by PATI and technological partners.

The digital prints on PATI ETFE films allow to reproduce logos, drawings, patterns and multicolored images. Their resistance to UV is suitable for an outdoor use for many years.

Features of ETFE films:

  • thickness 0.250 mm
  • width 187 cm
  • print width: 180 cm
  • colored tapes 4.5 cm wide
  • 17 colors, both solid and transparent patterned

serpentine6-300x183 serpentine5-300x183 serpentine1

PATI is the cutting edge technological partner for designers and architects and provides them with the tools to express their creativity in a spirit of light, lightweight structures, colors and longevity.


Design / manufacture / installation by Architen Landrell
Digital print on ETFE: Grafiche Digitali