Multicolor ETFE for tram station in Lodz

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The ETFE cover is being installed for the new building in Poland.

The project initially required a multicolored glass roof, eventually replaced by the multicolor printed ETFE produced by PATI. Among the many benefits we’d like to remind the lowest weightthe self-cleaningproperty of the membrane and, unexpectedlythe ability to create play of light on the pavement of the station, taking advantage of the transparency of the areas left free by the supporting structure for the glass, now no longer necessary, and the colors of the membrane  you can imagine this effect in the picture above.


The ETFE cover consists of sheets of 0.250mm thicksuitably printed, shaped and welded together to obtainindividual portions of about twenty meters wide, laidas a single layer on the structure. The attachment to the supporting structure uses the proven keder andaluminum profile systemwhile the load on the membrane is supported by wires.

20150702_112531 20150702_111246 20150702_202558

The complex overall design of the membrane has been divided into sub-graphical elements taking into account the size of the sheets of ETFE and of the baysEach element was then reassembled to get the original design.

On a sunny day the ETFE coverage seems to disappear, merging with the blue skywhile at duskoron gray daysseems to come to life and spice up with its colors not only the stationbut the whole district.

20150702_202242 20150702_202720 20150702_111809

It will happen definitely during the night time that the building will look more impressive. Thanks to the lightsthat illuminate the ETFE membrane from below and from above, the tram station will shine in many colors.

General contractor: Taiyo Europe
Digital print on ETFE: Grafiche Digitali